Marketing Philosophies

With over 30 years experience in marketing products and services across a wide spectrum of industries, marketing author and strategist Steven Howard knows what works and what does not work in building successful brands and sustainable profitability.

What works are marketing strategies based on these seven core marketing philosophies:

If it touches the customer, it’s a marketing issue™.

TLC — Think Like Customers

Keeping good customers is more profitable than attracting new ones.

Preventing customer complaints is better than resolving them.

Customer Retention is an art: the art of keeping good customers™.

Competitors can mimic any product, price, marketing campaign or distribution strategy. Competitors can outspend you on product development, promotions, and distribution, and can beat you up on pricing. However, the one thing that competitors cannot copy, mimic or beat is a well-defined corporate personality.

The ultimate battleground for winning and maintaining customer relationships now takes place in the minds, hearts, emotions, and perceptions of your customers.

Watch and listen to Steven Howard’s marketing philosophies on the Howard Marketing YouTube Channel and in this keynote presentation on the 7 C’s of Customer Retention delivered at the Aforia Schools Marketing Conference in Melbourne.

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