SEO Copywriting Service Established

Marketing strategist and author Steven Howard has established a new SEO copywriting service to serve clients, agencies and website developers.

Howard, the founder of digital marketing consultants Howard Marketing Services, specializes in website SEO copywriting for small business owners and SMBs. Copywriting for other forms of marketing materials, including product flyers and brochures, sales materials, direct mail, corporate brochures, press releases and advertising.

“There is no point in having a website if you are a small or medium sized business and your website cannot be found by prospects conducting Internet searches,” notes Howard, whose 35-year career as a corporate copywriter has covered nearly every industry and business segment.

With a long career in senior international marketing and sales, Howard brings a keen marketing insight to professional copywriting, which enables clients to communicate clearly across different media.

“The secret to successful SEO copywriting,” says Howard, “is to  integrate strong copywriting skills with a strategic marketing background. I write for both website readers and search engine crawlers. This results in website copy that resonates with your prospects and customers, while simultaneously gaining search engine ranking advantages for all your key website pages.”

About Steven Howard

Steven Howard is the author of Powerful Marketing Minutes, MORE Powerful Marketing Minutes, Corporate Image Management and other marketing and business related books. He also writes the Monday Morning Marketing Memo, which has a global audience.

Howard Marketing Services is a leading digital marketing consultancy integrating strategic marketing disciplines with strategic SEO and social media marketing to improve market share, brand performance and customer loyalty for clients.