Corporate Branding

Leveraging the Corporate Brand

Everything an organization does, and does not do, has a direct impact on its corporate brand image.

Managing the corporate brand is one of the most potent marketing and management tools available to senior executives, small business owners and entrepreneurs. Howard Marketing Services designs holistic branding strategies and programs for corporate leaders and business owners to leverage the power of their corporate brands as a strategic weapon in building successful and sustainable businesses.

Our approach is to intricately link the corporate brand with the mission, vision, values, and corporate culture of the organization.

We do this through the creation of a unique Positioning Platform, a set of Key Message Statements, and Key Brand Characteristics for each critical aspect of the organization.

Howard Marketing Services works with graphic design and web site development teams in both Australia and Singapore on projects that require these services.

Led by Chief Strategist and CEO Steven Howard, the company has a strong reputation for creating marketing solutions that produce solid results. Other services provided by Howard Marketing Services include:

Howard Marketing Services serves clients from operations based in both Australia and Singapore.