FAQ About Our Digital Marketing Services

Frequently Asked Questions about our Digital Marketing Services

What do you do?

We provide digital marketing services to small business owners and SMBs that increase sales leads, improve sales conversions and enhance customer loyalty.

What services do you provide?

Digital Marketing Services includes Strategic SEO, social media marketing, website copywriting, and coaching. We also have a product that provides a SEO diagnostic of your website and an assessment of your digital marketing competitive status.

How do you determine what I need?

Our diagnostic process identifies core weaknesses in your digital marketing, with a focus on SEO problems. After all, if your website cannot be found by customer searches, it might as well not exist.

Can I just buy the SEO diagnostic and digital marketing assessment report?

Yes you can. It is priced at A$154 / US$140 and takes 3-4 working days to deliver.

Can the SEO diagnostic and digital marketing assessment report be used to assess my competition?

Yes it can. To conduct and assessment and comparison of your digital marketing programs and one competitor the price is A$231 / US$210. Or, we can assess your digital marketing efforts and two other competitors for only A$286 / US$260.

How do you fix any problems I have?

We integrate strategic marketing disciplines with social media marketing and SEO best practices to improve your market share, brand performance and customer loyalty. We will also re-write and edit your websites if necessary.

How long does this process take?

The initial work usually takes 3-4 weeks. Then the on-going monitoring, tweaking, and managing work takes 3-6 months, depending on the competitive nature of your market segment and the nature of your business.

Are you good at this?

Our clients believe so. We have a track record of proven results and client success stories across several market segments, including tourism, health + fitness, sustainability consulting, publishing, business consulting, and even home building.

What coaching do you provide?

For many small businesses owners and SMBs, all they need is a one-time fix to their SEO problems and the initial implementation of their social media marketing strategies. Once we accomplish this, many are able to maintain their SEO and SMM programs with monthly or quarterly oversight and coaching from us.

Our flexible approach to SEO and digital marketing coaching enables us to create a customized coaching program and schedule to meet the on-going needs of these clients. From a coaching perspective, we take the fear out of digital marketing execution!

When can we start?

We already have! You’re asking all the right questions. Now give us your website URL address and let’s see what you need.

For your convenience we serve clients in Australia (from Melbourne), Coachella Valley and Riverside County (from Palm Springs), and Southeast Asia (from Singapore). Actually, with technology, email and Skype, we can serve clients anywhere in the world.

Contact Details:

Palm Springs:  (760) 327-1463

Melbourne: (61-3) 5428-1388

Singapore:  (65) 6339-9801

Skype: stevenbhoward

Twitter: @StevenBHoward

Email: steven@howard-marketing.com