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Marketing author Steven Howard has established a copywriting service to serve SMB clients, entrepreneurs, design studios, website developers, and advertising agencies.

Steven Howard specializes in website SEO copywriting and other forms of marketing materials, including product flyers and brochures, sales materials, direct mail, corporate brochures, press releases, and advertising.

His 37-year career as a corporate copywriter has covered nearly every industry, and businesses large and small (sample client list below). He brings a keen marketing insight to professional copywriting, which enables clients to communicate clearly across different media. In 2014 Steven Howard was named one of the Global Top 100 SEO Copywriters by an industry publication.

Steven Howard is the author of Powerful Marketing Minutes, MORE Powerful Marketing Minutes, Corporate Image Management and other marketing and business related books. He also writes the Monday Morning Marketing Memo, which has a global audience.

Freelance Copywriting Services

In addition to working directly with clients, Steven Howard is available as a freelance copywriter for digital marketing agencies, website designers, design studios, and advertising agencies.

Website Copywriting Clients

Some of his recent website copywriting projects have included:

  • Baan Yin Dee Boutique Resort (resort hotel)
  • RISQ Worldwide (a global risk assessment and management firm)
  • Robert Bryan Home (interior designers in Chicago and Palm Desert)
  • MNJKids (online retailer of children’s room furniture and decorations)
  • GlobalHealth Asia (personal medical and health insurance)
  • Nordic Academy (fitness and health)
  • Wine Tours Victoria (tourism / wine tour operator)
  • Bintan Lagoon Resort (hotel and golf resort)
  • Layton Homes (new home builder and home renovation contractor)
  • Real Estate Your Way (online property sales and rentals)
  • Sustain Ability Showcase Asia (sustainability consultants)
  • MasterCard Moments (online premium customer loyalty program)
  • Mozaic Ferry Lines (ferry service)
  • Journeyful (online travel booking service)
  • Hawthorn Secondary College (private high school)
  • Task Performance Group (e-commerce software development)
  • Caliente Leadership (leadership development and leadership coaching)
  • Project You Life (personal development)
  • Living A Determined Life (life goals and personal development)

Marketing Communications and Corporate Communications Clients

Some of the clients for whom he has written marketing materials, sales collaterals, and corporate communications pieces include:

  • AXA Insurance (life insurance)
  • Broadway Industrial Group (manufacturer of packaging materials)
  • DBS Bank (retail banking)
  • CISCO (security services)
  • GlobalHealth Asia (personal medical and health insurance)
  • Hawthorn Secondary College (private high school)
  • Hoechst Chemicals (global chemicals company)
  • Journeyful (online travel booking service)
  • MasterCard Asia/Pacific (credit and debit card programs)
  • Mozaic Hotels and Resorts (hotel management company)
  • MHE-Demag (warehouse systems company)
  • Nordic Academy (fitness and health)
  • Pertamina (petroleum exploration and production)
  • Reader’s Digest (magazine publisher)
  • Real Estate Your Way (online property sales)
  • RISQ Worldwide (global risk assessment and management consultants)
  • Tourism Asia (tourism publisher)
  • UP Your Service! College (service skills training)
  • Wine Tours Victoria (tourism / wine tour operator)