Powerful Marketing Minutes
(52-week subscription)

50 Ways to Develop Market Leadership

Based on the popular book Powerful Marketing Minutes,this 52-week podcast series is a collection of easy-to-understand, yet thought-provoking, ideas designed to give today’s corporate leaders tips on how to improve the bottom line through:

  • leveraging the organization’s most valuable asset — its corporate image,
  • creating marketing programs that follow the 5 Principles of a Customer-Focused Marketing Strategy,
  • understanding changing customer values,
  • getting the entire organization to concentrate on building and earning customer loyalty.

These weekly podcasts are a result of a series of radio presentations Steven Howard created for the radio program Positive Business Minutes. The original 30 essays were broadcast daily, over a six-week period, on News Radio 93.8 in Singapore in August and September 1999. We have edited and fine-tuned the original 30, and added 20 more thoughts and concepts, resulting in Powerful Marketing Minutes.

(Listen to the 90-second Introduction segment now to hear the history and concept that created this recorded series.)

We have purposely kept the style lose and friendly, in keeping with the original format in which the concepts were presented on radio. Each podcast highlights a specific topic to reflect upon and we encourage the listener to contemplate what changes your organization might require in order to implement the ideas and concepts presented.

For more details, see the list of weekly podcast topics.