Powerful Marketing Minutes

50 Ways to Develop Market Leadership

This popular book is a collection of easy-to-read, yet thought-provoking, stories and tips designed to give today’s corporate leaders tips on how to improve the bottom line through:

  • leveraging the organization’s most valuable asset — its corporate image,
  • creating marketing programs that follow the 5 Principles of a Customer-Focused Marketing Strategy,
  • understanding changing customer values,
  • getting the entire organization to concentrate on building, earning, rewarding and keeping customer loyalty.

Each essay highlights a specific topic to reflect upon and we encourage the reader to contemplate what changes your organization might require in order to implement the ideas and concepts presented.

Some corporate leaders will want to use these essays as a personal or senior management daily thought starter, while others will choose to circulate the ideas throughout the organization on a weekly or biweekly basis. Others may prefer to include selected topics in their weekly or monthly management, sales team, or staff meetings.

However you choose to use these essays, we are confident that they will serve you well in creating the kinds of customer-focused, relationship-building marketing activities that are required for success in today’s highly competitive markets.

Powerful Marketing Minutes is also available in a 3-set audio CD and in audio cassette format.