Corporate Image Management

A Marketing Discipline for the 21st Century

Corporate Image Management: A Marketing Discipline for the 21st Century is a comprehensive, practical introduction to one of the most potent marketing and management tools available for the use of senior executives. Progressive corporate leaders will want to use this discipline to drive their organizations in today’s increasingly competitive markets.

The corporate image communicates the organization’s mission, the professionalism of its leadership, the caliber of its employees, and its roles within the marketing environment or political landscape. Historically, thinking and writing about the subject of corporate image has come from the area of graphic design. This approach no longer suits the global, dynamic, cross-border and cross-cultural world in which many of today’s businesses and organizations compete.

Corporate Image Management describes the discipline which will be the key to successful marketing well into the next century. Author Steven Howard illustrates the concept of corporate image management with case stories from Singapore Airlines, MasterCard International,, the National Basketball Association, Britain’s Royal Family, and many others.

The book was translated into Chinese and printed by CITIC Publishing House in Beijing. The Chinese version is available through leading bookstores in the People’s Republic of China.


1.   Introduction
2.   Corporate Image Management in a Rapidly Changing World
3.   Corporate Image Management as a Catalyst for Change
4.   The Value of a Good Corporate Image
5.   Making the Corporate Image Management Program Succeed
6.   Corporate Image Management and its Impact on the Marketing Process
7.   Corporate Image Management as a Marketing Discipline
8.   Corporate Image as a Strategic Weapon
9.   Managing and Marketing the Corporate Image
10.   The Image Management Development Process
11.   The Corporate Identity System
12.   Implementing a New Corporate Image System
13.   The Importance of the Corporate Image on Your Communications and Audiences
14.   Making the Corporate Image Management Succeed (Worth Repeating)
15.   Can You Manage Change?
16.   The Value of Outside Resources
17.   Epilogue
18.   Glossary

Reader Comments

“I have read the book three times. It was very useful for my doctorate thesis. It brings a new approach to the corporate image subject. It supports the idea that corporate image is not just a graphic design, it is also a marketing and a management discipline. For this reason it is not enough to design corporate image, it also has to be managed. This is a new idea that nobody thought before. I also like the new idea that with this new approach corporate image has some functions as being a catalyst for change, as a filters in the communication process and as being the 5th “P” of the marketing mix.

By having new ideas about this subject, it is a unique book in the subject of corporate image. This book is also very useful for companies that want to take an advantage in the global world by building an efficient corporate image. Lastly, the book contains new ideas and new approaches about corporate image. And whoever is interested in this subject, he should read this book. I really recommend it.”

Ebru Guzelcik
Istanbul, Turkey

“This is an excellent explanation of how the corporate image impacts every facet of the organization. The first time I’ve seen an author take a comprehensive approach to the topic of corporate image management, including how the CULTURE of an organization impacts its image.

Howard has identified the direction CEOs and others must take in order to drive and develop strong future relationships with customers and business partners. I like how he integrated a 5-step corporate image management process into all levels of organizational management.

Clearly written and easy to apply. Good action plans and lots of examples show how build your corporate image to your advantage. I recommend it.”

Ron Kaufman
Author, UP Your Service!

“The new paradigm being promoted by Steven Howard (and an increasing number of others in the field) is the view of Corporate Image as a completely integrated discipline — reaching far beyond the traditional (logo/font/colors/packaging, etc.) design approach. It is summed up in the quote: ‘if it touches the consumer, it’s a Corporate Image issue’.

The book goes on to provide, along with a host of case studies and examples, practical steps to performing everything from an initial audit to executing a full Corporate Image program. Includes checklists, best-practice suggestions, and some serious points on change management that must also be heeded if any such programme is to succeed!

I’ll use this book for years to come as a reference and guide.”

Communications Director
Bluewave Ltd.

“A great resource for any CEO, business manager, marketer, PR or advertising person. Howard brings a fresh approach to managing your corporate image from much more than just a design point of view.

The corporate image and the process of managing it is a discipline that affects all areas of your business. Now you can find out how to turn this to your advantage.

The use of live examples throughout the book helps to clearly illustrate the effect that the mismanagement, and the proactive management, of your corporate image has on the public, your customers and prospects.”

Penny Kothe
Creative Thinking