Concise and practical eBooks are ideal for busy executives.

At the request of many Monday Morning Marketing Memo readers, marketing author Steven Howard has begun to create a series of eBooks on marketing, customer retention, effective complaint handling, customer service, and corporate branding.

The first two Howard Marketing Services ebooks available for purchase and downloading are Marketing Words of Wisdom and Best of the Monday Morning Marketing Memo. Here is a brief synopsis of each:

Marketing Words of Wisdomover the years I have jotted notes to myself on marketing concepts, ideas, and philosophies. These notes have been compiled into Marketing Words of Wisdom and cover four key topic areas:

Customer Retention

Corporate Image and Branding


Miscellaneous Marketing Thoughts

Ideal for marketing professionals, non-marketers, business executives, and entrepreneurs, Marketing Words of Wisdom will provide you with guidance, tips and directions on the key areas impacting your future business sucess.


Best of the Monday Morning Marketing Memoin celebration of the first 200 editions of the Monday Morning Marketing Memo electronic newsletter, Steven Howard has compiled the top 40 issues into the Best of the Monday Morning Marketing Memo. Slightly edited and updated as needed, these 40 issues cover diverse topics including corporate branding, customer retention, marketing strategies, responsibility, and sales management skills.