MORE Powerful Marketing Minutes

MORE Powerful Marketing Minutes

50 New Ways to Develop Market Leadership

As marketing consultant and author Steven Howard notes, if you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will.

To take care of your customers, you need to have a full understanding of their wants, needs, and desires.

The best way to take care of your prospects and customers is to tailor or customize your products and service offerings as much as you profitably can. Treat your customers as individuals with individual needs at all customer touch points and you’ll be well on your way to developing true customer loyalty.

These are the key messages of MORE Powerful Marketing Minutes.

This collection of market leadership essays is based on Steven Howard’s simple, yet deeply penetrating, market-driven philosophy: if it touches the customer, it’s a marketing issue.™

As demonstrated throughout this collection of 58 essays on developing market leadership, anything that touches your customers, or that impacts your customers or your prospects, should be considered a marketing issue for your entire organisation.

A sequel to Powerful Marketing Minutes, the book is divided into five sections:

  • Sales and Selling
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing and Strategy
  • Corporate Image Manaement

Following each essay is a Key Point synopsis plus a series of steps for Taking Action to help your organization continue on the path to market leadership and greater profitability.

Table of Contents

1.   Sales and Selling
2.   Succeeding in Sales
3.   Consultative Selling Traits
4.   Tell Me More
5.   Asking Questions
6.   Setting GOALS
7.   Achieving Sales RESULTS
8.   Setting SMART Goals
9.   Communicating Goals
10.   Communicating Sales Goals ModelCustomer Retention
11.   Differentiate Service to Retain Good Customers
12.   Making Life Easy for Customers
13.   Creating Disloyalty in Good Customers
14.   Loyal Employees Create Loyal Customers
15.   Developing Loyal Customers
16.   Understanding Customer Spending Migration
17.   Is Customer Loyalty Dead?
18.   7 C’s of Customer Retention
19.   7 C’s of Customer Retention Checklist
20.   Customer Retention: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Lost Customers
21.   Customer Retention: Your Key Budget Line Item for Next Year
22.   Customer Service
23.   USP Times Two
24.   Making a Service Contract Your USP
25.   Customer Satisfaction Requires TLC
26.   Customers Are Not Stupid!
27.   Listen to Your Customers!
28.   Nobody Noticed
29.   Responding to Customer Queries and Requests
30.   Truly Understanding Customer Complaints
31.   A Missed Opportunity
32.   Another Missed Opportunity
33.   5 Dimensions of Service Quality
34.   Customer Service Creed
35.   Creating a Culture of Service Professionalism
36.   Service Excellence Attributes
37.   Marketing and Strategy
38.   It’s Your Customers Stupid!
39.   In Defense of Brands
40.   Focus on Growth, Not Costs
41.   Changing Market Conditions
42.   Preparing for Recovery
43.   Reducing Cycle Times is a Marketing Issue
44.   Advertising in a Downturn
45.   Corporate Advertising in a Downturn
46.   Strategies for Recession
47.   A Marketing Dilemma
48.   Opt-Out Versus Opt-In E-mail Marketing
49.   Desperation Marketing
50.   The Problem With Customer Loyalty Reward Programs
51.   The Cancellation Department
52.   It’s Still About People
53.   Corporate Image Management
54.   Your Most Precious Asset
55.   Managing the Corporate Image
56.   Corporate Ethics & Corporate Culture
57.   Doing Business the Right Way
58.   Reflections on the Corporate Image