Powerful Marketing Minutes
(audio cassette)

Powerful Marketing Minutes by Steven Howard

Powerful Marketing Minutes by Steven Howard

50 Ways to Develop Market Leadership

Powerful Marketing Minutes is a collection of easy-to-read, yet thought-provoking, short essays designed to give today’s corporate leaders tips on how to improve the bottom line through:

  • leveraging the organization’s most valuable asset — its corporate image,
  • creating marketing programs that follow the 5 Principles of a Customer-Focused Marketing Strategy, and
  • getting the entire organization to concentrate on building and earning customer loyalty.

These essays are a result of a series of radio presentations Steven Howard created for the radio program Positive Business Minutes. The original 30 essays were broadcast daily, over a six-week period, on News Radio 93.8 in Singapore in August and September 1999. We have edited and fine-tuned the original 30, and added 20 more thoughts and concepts, resulting in Powerful Marketing Minutes. (Listen to the 90-second Introduction segment now.)

We have purposely kept the style lose and friendly, in keeping with the original format in which the concepts were presented on radio. Each essay highlights a specific topic to reflect upon and we encourage the listener to contemplate what changes your organization might require in order to implement the ideas and concepts presented.

Some corporate leaders will want to use these essays as a personal or senior management daily thought starter, while others will choose to circulate the ideas throughout the organization on a weekly or biweekly basis. Others may prefer to include selected topics in their weekly or monthly management, sales team, or staff meetings.

However you choose to use these essays, we are confident that they will serve you well in creating the kinds of customer-focused, relationship-building marketing activities that are required for success in today’s highly competitive markets.



1.   Corporate Image as a Powerful Tool
2.   The Customer Is King
3.   Creating Customer Satisfaction
4.   Customers Do Not Buy Products
5.   Marketing Is Central to Survival
6.   Markets Are Heterogeneous
7.   Markets and Customers Are Constantly Changing
8.   Loyalty Building
9.   Building Customer Loyalty
10.   Earning Customer Loyalty
11.   Rewarding Customer Loyalty
12.   Keeping Customers Loyal
13.   Relationship Marketing
14.   Brand Name Strategies
15.   No Such Thing as a Commodity Product
16.   The Value of a Good Corporate Brand
17.   Hurting Corporate Brand Image
18.   Corporate Identity vs. Corporate Image
19.   Corporate Image as a Strategic Weapon
20.   The Importance of Corporate Image on Your Communications
21.   Communications Trends
22.   Communications Trends #2
23.   Communications Trends #3
24.   Managing Change
25.   Re-engineering Change
26.   Taking Care of Customers
27.   Brands and Customers Are Hidden Assets
28.   Treating Customers Differently
29.   Importance of Customer Retention
30.   Corporate Image Management
31.   Marketing Excellence
32.   Dialogue Excellence
33.   Next Phase of Marketing Excellence
34.   Changing Customer Values
35.   Customer Values – Relevant Functions and Features
36.   Customer Values – Choices and Flexibility
37.   Customer Values – Trust and Loyalty
38.   Customer Values – Knowledge and Information
39.   Customer Values – Complete and Full Satisfaction
40.   Customer Values – Speed and Convenience
41.   Customer Values – Environmental Impact
42.   Using Technology to Drive Your Business
43.   Using Technology to Develop Relationships
44.   Using Technology to Drive Relationships
45.   Keeping Good Customers
46.   Truly Understanding Customer Needs
47.   Sales/Service Relationship
48.   Supporting Your Customer Service Reps
49.   Making Customer Loyalty Real
50.   Using Outside Resources
51.   Selecting Outside Resources
52.   A Closing Parable