Here are some of the electronic newsletters that we have found particularly useful or enjoyable:

The Copernicus MZine — billed as “a light-hearted marketing newsletter with some seriously great ideas” it will inform, enthuse and perhaps challenge the way you think about marketing. Its articles are often thought provoking and always well written. Its one I look forward to each month. To subscribe, visit the Copernicus Marketing Consulting website.

Inside 1 to 1 — a weekly e-mail newsletter well written by the partners and staff of the Peppers and Rogers Group (founded by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D., the co-authors of The One to One Future). This newsletter is a quick, easy-to-read update on the latest one-to-one strategies, success stories and technologies. Subscription link.

MarketingProfs Today — MarketingProfs is the world’s largest marketing community. Their newsletter provides readers with updates on new articles, tutorials, perspectives, features and tools as they become available on the MarketingProfs website. Join MarketingProfs.

MarketingSherpa — is a research firm specializing in tracking what works (and what does not work) in all aspects of marketing. They produce several free marketing newsletters, all of which direct readers to new materials placed on their highly informative website. Descriptions of their newsletters and subscriptions are available at MarketingSherpa.

Models of Success and Sustainability — the MOSS news, views and events newsletter is a free bimonthly for CSR and sustainability practitioners, as well as all senior executives, who have an interest in sustainability. Subscribe here.

Sales Caffeine — a weekly newsletter from Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The Sales Bible and Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty Is Priceless. To subscribe, go to

SpeakerNet News — a free weekly email newsletter sent each Friday to over 9000 professional speakers, consultants, trainers and authors. Each issue features items sent in by the newsletter readers, including tips on sales and marketing, travel, technology, great resources, saving money, PR, conducting better presentations, and other topics key to the speaking business. I find a useful tip in almost every issue. Subscribe at SpeakerNet News.

Springwise — a monthly newsletter full of new business ideas. Relying on a global network of 8000 trend spotters in over 70 countries, Springwise delivers brilliant new business ideas, concepts, innovations and ventures you will want to know about.

Trendwatching — a monthly newsletter reporting on consumer trends across the globe as reported by trend spotters in over 70 countries. A highly opinionated newsletter, it tries to create clever names for consumer trends as a way of identifying market clusters and segmentation groups. Well worth reading forthose who like to stay on top of developing consumer trends. Subscribe at Trendwatching.