Best Practices in Brand Management

This workshop on Best Practices in Brand Management is designed to present, discuss, and increase the transfer of brand management best practices into participant organizations.

After introducing how brands are an asset and how brands influence customer buyer behavior, the workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to apply best practices to their brands. The workshop will also cover techniques for successfully launching brands and how to manage powerful brands.

Course Outline

Brands as an Asset

  • What is a brand?
  • Value of branding
  • Branding Models
  • Creating compelling ideas

Brands – The Power of Positioning

  • What is Branding?
  • How do Brands and Products Differ?
  • Are Brands Dying?
  • Should You Brand?
  • Requirements for Successful Branding
  • Yin & Yang of Branding

Creating Ultimate Brands

  • Rules for creating Ultimate Brands
  • Consumers’ perceptions and expectations of added value
  • Brands as a risk reducer

Managing Powerful Brands

  • Criteria for creating and managing Brand Equity
  • Brand Extension Strategies
  • Branding as a Customer Anti-Attrition Tool
  • Creating and maintaining customer loyalty through branding

Product Differentiation

  • No such thing as a commodity product
  • Defining your difference
  • Effective positioning
  • Communicating points of differentiation
  • Creating customer excitement

Developing/Launching Brands

  • Establishing new brands
  • Brand value factors
  • Brand identify factors
  • Planning and managing brand growth
  • Planning and managing brand extensions
  • Impact on other brands from new brands

Brand Communications

  • Position statement
  • Brand values statement
  • Brand characteristics statement
  • Communicating to staff
  • Communicating to agents and distributors
  • Communicating to customers

Leveraging Your Corporate Brand

  • Corporate Image as a Strategic Weapon
  • The 5th “P” of Marketing
  • Power of the Corporate Brand
  • Four Values of a Strong Corporate Brand
  • Importance of the Corporate Image on Relationship Building

Note: all key learning points will be illustrated with real-life examples and case stories from the Asia/Pacific region and from well-known international companies.