Customer Retention: The Art of Keeping Good Customers

Marketing consultant Steven Howard advises clients to not have a commitment to customer service, but rather to have a commitment to customers.

This customer-focused philosophy is at the heart of Howard’s marketing ethos, if it touches the customer, it’s a marketing issue,™ and is the foundation for this interactive workshop on the art of customer retention.

The great businesses of tomorrow will grow exactly the way great businesses have always been built: by doing marvelous things that meet the needs, wants, and desires of customers. This workshop will not only show you how to build customer loyalty, but it will also give you the tools you need to keep good customers.

Customer Retention: The Art of Keeping Good Customers

Workshop Outline

The Changing Market Environment

  • How the changing world impacts marketing, selling, and branding
  • 7 areas of Changing Customer Values
  • Implications of these changes on selling, marketing, branding
  • Why creating value for customers is your most critical issue
  • Defining why customers buy

Strategic Marketing and Channel Issues

  • New concepts for strategy and planning
  • Aligning marketing strategies, goals, and objectives
  • Organizing around customers and customer needs
  • Re-evaluating your internal processes and policies
  • Channel issues: an operations or marketing issue?
  • Single channel vs. multichannel customers
  • Information channels vs. purchasing channels

Customer Focus is a Discipline

  • From personal to personlized
  • The Importance of TLC
  • Understanding customer expectations
  • The Four PE’s of customer evaluations
  • Customer Experience Matrix
  • A new tool: the Customer Experience Scoreboard

Market Research & Customer Behavior

  • Analyzing market research
  • Obtaining valid customer information and feedback
  • The impact of customer attrition
  • Measuring the cost of customer attrition
  • Customer Life Cycle: fact or myth

Effective Complaint Management Leads to Loyal Customers

  • Why customers complain
  • Make it easy to complain
  • Handling different types of complaints
  • AGREEMENT method for complaint resolution
  • Managing conflict situations

Customer Retention is an Art

  • Why customers want to be loyal
  • What CRM should really mean in your organisation
  • 7 C’s of Customer Retention
  • Building and Keeping Customer Loyalty

Value of a Powerful Corporate Brand

  • Corporate Image Management in a rapidly changing world
  • Corporate Image as a strategic weapon
  • The 5th “P” of marketing
  • Power of Corporate Branding

Summary and Close

  • Individual Action Plans
  • From Workshop to Real World

Note: all key learning points will be illustrated with real-life examples and case stories from the Asia/Pacific region and from well-known international companies.