Green Marketing Is Here To Stay

This one-day workshop explores the most recent important new trend in marketing¬†— Green Marketing.

There can be no doubt that the environmental concerns of customers will be no less important in the future than they are today, particularly once economic conditions in most markets return to a more stable platform.

Participants will receive updates on the latest trends in the rapidly evolving field of green marketing, how to avoid accusations of greenwashing, and how to overcome the 8 Key Hurdles to successful green marketing campaigns. A key topic is how to integrate green marekting best practices into existing brand and marketing campaigns.

All participants will develop individual action plans for implementing the strategies and techniques covered in their work places.

Key topics include:

  • Undestanding the value and benefits of green marketing.
  • Overcoming customer perceptions that green products are inconvenient to buy or use.
  • Educating customers that environmentally friendly products need not be more costly than conventional products.
  • Creating clarity in your green marketing messages.
  • Ensuring authenticity in your green marketing messages.
  • Documenting and communicating green marketing benefits.
  • Avoiding Greenwashing.
  • Ensuring green marketing messages appeal to both the emotional and rational sides of customers.
  • Turning environmentally conscious customers into your friends and advocates.

Information on how to stay informed on green marketing issues and resources for continued support will also be provided.