Keynote Speaking

A dynamic, enthusiastic and entertaining presenter, Steven Howard brings to his audiences the perspective of over 30 years in Asia Pacific as a Marketing and Sales professional in a wide variety of fields, ranging from consumer electronics to publishing, and from a national airline to advertising and personal financial products.

“I like to challenge my audiences to think in new directions, and to make connections they have never made before”, Steven explains.

An accomplished platform speaker, Steven is available as a Keynote Speaker for both public and corporate conferences, off-site meetings, sales conferences, and association meetings.

His keynote topics include:

All speeches are customized around your meeting theme and are tailored for each audience.

You can view five excerpts from Steven Howard’s keynote presentation on Customer Retention on the Howard Marketing YouTube channel. You can also view Steven’s presention on the 7 C’s of Customer Retention delivered to the Aforia Schools Marketing Conference in Melbourne in August 2011.

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