Leveraging Your Corporate Brand

Corporate Image Management is one of the most potent marketing and management tools available for the use of senior executives. Progressive corporate leaders need to use this new discipline to drive their organizations forward in today’s increasingly competitive markets.

The corporate image communicates the organization’s mission, the professionalism of its leadership, the caliber of its employees and its roles within the marketing environment or political landscape.

Historically, thinking and writing about the subject of corporate image has come from the area of graphic design. This approach no longer suits the global, dynamic, cross-border and cross-cultural world in which many of today’s businesses and organizations compete.

In his book Corporate Image Management: A Marketing Discipline for the 21st Century, marketing consultant Steven Howard describes the discipline that will be a key to successful marketing well into the next century.

His thinking on this subject forms the basis for this keynote speech, which is illustrated with case stories from Singapore Airlines, MasterCard International, Amazon.com, General Motors, Toyota, Mandarin Oriental Jakarta, and many others.

Key Points:

  • Leveraging the Power of the Corporate Brand
  • 5th “P” of Marketing
  • Enhancing financial, market place, HR and customer values through your corporate brand
  • Corporate Image Management and Corporate Strategy
  • Importance of Customer Perceptions of Corporate Brand in Building Customer Relationships

Length: 45 to 75 minutes