Selling Retail Bank Products & Services

Selling in today’s complex retail bank environment is a tremendous challenge due to increased competition, more knowledgeable customers, and changing regulations.

Successful selling at retail banks and other financial services institutions has moved from a focus on products and “today’s special offer” to a consultative approach, one where the frontline sales person needs to be skilled in listening, understanding of customer needs, and suggestive selling techniques. Competency in product knowledge and in the bank’s processes and procedures is no longer sufficient for selling today’s more complex products to today’s smarter customers.

This highly interactive course consists of numerous role plays and feedback sessions. Participants will get ample opportunity to practice and refine the techniques and skills taught. Each stage of the selling process will be examined thoroughly, and then acted out several times so that participants leave the course with a complete understanding of how to apply these skills in everyday sales situations.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn the sequential stages of the sales process and how to determine which stage is taking place during a sales discussion with a customer.
  • Learn how to ask situation and problem questions in order to determine the true and full needs of customers.
  • Understand the differences between product features and benefits, and how to apply these in your sales discussions and presentations.
  • How to overcome objections and use customer objections to your advantage.
  • How to gain commitment to the product and service solution you present to your customers.

This workshop is strictly run as an in-house course so that it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. The workshop can be conducted over three, four or five days.

Option: A train-the-trainer program is also available enabling in-house staff to conduct the course under a license arrangement.