Corporate Image Management

Every organization has a corporate image, whether it wants one or not.

When properly positioned and managed, the corporate image will accurately reflect the organization’s commitment to quality, excellence and its relationships with its key constituents (both internally and externally).

The corporate image communicates the organization’s mission, the professionalism of its leadership, the caliber of its employees, and its roles within the marketing environment and the business landscape.

This makes the corporate image a critical concern for every organization one deserving the same attention and commitment by senior management as any other vital issue.

Historically, thinking and writing about the subject of Corporate Image Management has come from the area of graphic design. This approach no long suits the global, dynamic, cross-border, and cross-cultural world in which today’s businesses and organizations compete.

This is why Howard Marketing Services approaches Corporate Image Mangement as a marketing and management discipline, not a design and graphic one.

Nothing touches customers and investors more than how they perceive the organization’s corporate image.

By leveraging the corporate image management process, the entire organization becomes focused on collectively implementing management’s desired changes and strategies for future growth, within the framework and structure of a new or revised corporate culture.

There are three phases to the corporate image management process:

  1. Preliminary audit, research and evaluation
  2. Analysis, strategy, planning, and development
  3. Message development and rollout strategy

This process was the foundation of the book Corporate Image Management: A Marketing Discipline for the 21st Century by Howard Marketing Services founder and director Steven Howard.

It has helped a wide range of companies, from Singapore’s security services firm CISCO to Malaysia’s Southern Steel Berhad, create new corporate brand identities that resonated with customers, shareholders, employees, and the general public.

Howard Marketing Services works with senior executives, small business owners and entrepreneuers to apply the corporate image management process to their respective organizations.

Led by Chief Strategist and CEO Steven Howard, the company has a strong reputation for creating marketing solutions that produce solid results. The other key services provided by Howard Marketing Services include:

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