Customer Retention Marketing

The days when a business could afford to treat customers based on the average customer are long gone. Today, you need to treat your most valued customers as valuable customers.

Howard Marketing Services helps companies and organizations develop strong strategic customer retention strategies based on these four key principles:

  • if it touches the customer, it’s a marketing issue™
  • preventing customer complaints is better than resolving them
  • handling customer complaints properly impacts all current and future customers
  • it is better to keep good customers than to gain new ones

In working with clients to improve their customer retention marketing, Howard Marketing Services brings a set of proprietary customer retention tools for reducing customer attrition and increasing customer loyalty that includes:

  • 7 C’s of Customer Retention
  • 4 PE’s of Customer Experience Evaluations
  • Customer Experience Matrix
  • Customer Experience Scorecard
  • In-house workshops on Handling Complaints Effectively
  • In-house workshops on Customer Retention: The Art of Keeping Good Customers
  • Qualitative research on customers and former customers
  • Development of customer loyalty programs that produce repetitive purchases

View Steven Howard’s 15-minute keynote presentation on the 7 C’s of Customer Retention delivered to the Schools Marketing Aforia in Melbourne in August 2011.

Stay abreast of Steven Howard’s thoughts and writing on customer retention at the Keeping Good Customers blog.

Led by Chief Strategist and CEO Steven Howard, the company has a strong reputation for creating marketing solutions that produce solid results. The other key services provided by Howard Marketing Services include:

Howard Marketing Services operates from Australia and Singapore.