Digital Marketing Services

Howard Marketing Services provides Digital Marketing Services to small business owners and leaders that increases sales leads, improves sales conversions and enhances customer loyalty.

Operating from Southern California, Singapore, and Melbourne, Australia Howard Marketing Services uses a diagnostic process that identifies core weaknesses in your digital marketing activities and programs with a focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Unlike a typical SEO agency, Howard Marketing Services integrates strategic marketing disciplines with social media marketing and SEO best practices to improve market share, brand performance and customer loyalty for our clients.

The key to success in SEO is now three-fold:

  • strong website copywriting skills coupled with a strategic marketing background,
  • a clear understanding of how prospective customers and repeat visitors will interact with a client’s website, and
  • a comprehensive knowledge of how Google and the other search engines use spiders to crawl and rank website pages.

Core Digital Marketing Services

Our core Digital Marketing Services include Strategic SEO, Social Media Marketing, Website Copywriting, and Digital Marketing Coaching:

Strategic Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO Diagnostic Audits and Digital Marketing Assessment Reports

Social Media Marketing Services

Copywriting for Websites and SEO Writing

SEO and Digital Marketing Coaching

In addition, we have a range of free SEO and Digital Marketing Resources available in our Digital Marketing Resource Library.

Not sure how to fix your SEO problems or how to get your social media marketing programs started? Perhaps a read of our Frequently Asked Questions on our digital marketing services might help.



Howard Marketing Services brings a unique insight and experience on how to implement strong SEO strategies that boost page rank and website traffic. — Patrick Burtscher, Founder, Nordic Academy Australia

We have been amazed with our increased website traffic and the flow through to higher tour bookings ever since we outsourced our SEO and Social Media Marketing to Howard Marketing Services. — Trevor Armstrong, Proprietor, Wine Tours Victoria

I was extremely impressed by the immediate results Howard Marketing Services achieved for us when they implemented a SEO strategy for our website. They definitely know what they are doing in the SEO space. — Ken Hickson, CEO, Sustain-Ability Showcase Asia