Green Marketing

Green Marketing is here to stay.

Howard Marketing Services designs strategies for clients to overcome the key hurdles blocking successful green marketing programs:

  1. Obtaining senior management and marketing management focus on the value and benefits of green marketing.
  2. Overcoming customer perceptions that green products are less convenient.
  3. Educating customers that environmentally friendly products need not be more costly than conventional products.
  4. Clarity in green marketing messages.
  5. Authenticity in green marketing messages.
  6. Documenting and communicating green product benefits.
  7. Ensuring green marketing messages appeal to both the emotional and rational sides of customers.

There can be no doubt that environmental concerns of customers will be no less important in the future than they are today, particularly once economic conditions in most markets return to a more stable platform.

Environmentally conscious customers tend to be very adamant and loyal in their support of environmental issues. Hence, they have the capacity to become a friend or foe.

By helping clients determine the best opportunity to be truly involved and supportive of the environment and the environmental movement, our green marketing strategies and programs help clients develop a core nucleus of dedicated and loyal customers.

Led by Chief Strategist and CEO Steven Howard, Howard Marketing Services has a strong reputation for creating marketing solutions that produce solid results. Other key services provided by Howard Marketing Services include:

Howard Marketing Services operates from both Australia and Singapore.