Social Media Marketing Services for Small Businesses

Social media marketing has an important role in strategic SEO execution. By integrating social media marketing into your strategic SEO implementation, we can significantly boost the search engine ranking results for your business, products and services.

Additionally, when social media marketing is done properly, it will help build deeper bonds with your customers and fans by communicating relevant and interesting information to them, resulting in greater loyalty and affinity for your products and services.

Our social media marketing services are two-fold:

Social media marketing outsourcing services: we will manage the critical social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) on your behalf (or jointly with you) that are necessary to improve SEO results.

Digital marketing and social media marketing coaching services: we will provide on an hourly, monthly or quarterly basis tailored digital marketing and social media coaching services to suit your specific needs and objectives. Learn more about our coaching services.

We serve a range of global clients with social media marketing services from our Melbourne (Australia), Singapore and Palm Springs (California) locations. To discuss your needs, please contact us at:

North America: (760) 327-1463

Australia: (03) 5428-1388

Singapore:  6339-9801

Skype: stevenbhoward