Strategic SEO Services for Small Businesses

Since 70% of all “clicks” on Internet searches are for the organic results, and only 30% are on the paid advertising results, the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) cannot be overstated.

Howard Marketing Services delivers the three critical skills required in today’s digital marketing and content priority world:

1)   strong copywriting skills combined with global marketing experience

2)   a clear understanding of how prospective customers and repeat visitors will interact with your website

3)   a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of how Google and other search engines rank websites

Outsourcing your Strategic SEO execution and implementation saves you time, money and frustration. We have a small business (SMB) focus, which means we are sensitive to the budgetary and time constraints facing small business owners and leaders. Most important, we are fast and reliable, and promise to take the fear out of digital marketing execution!

We have a track record of proven results and client success stories across several market segments, including tourism, health + fitness, sustainability consulting, publishing, business consulting and even home building (specific examples provided below).

Core Strategic SEO Services

Initial Website SEO

One-time clean-up of website copy and creation of basic SEO information for each page of existing (or new) website, including:

  • SEO content for each page (Title Tags, Page Descriptions, META keywords)
  • editing and re-writing of existing page copy to increase keyword frequency and align text with SEO
  • creation and implementation of an internal link strategy between pages using anchor text
  • listing with directories and search engines

Timing for this is usually 3-4 weeks and includes initial analysis of Google search results for up to 24 key words or key search phrases.

Advanced Website SEO | New Content Creation for Website | Social Media Marketing

This is more advanced work on inbound link strategy and creation of new content and pages for the website (now extremely important as Google ranks for “freshness” and “newness” of content), plus creation and management of social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). For some clients this also includes the writing and sending of monthly electronic newsletters. Key deliverables here include:

  • monitoring website traffic patterns and keyword search data with tweaking and modifying of SEO data as needed
  • creation of inbound links from YouTube, Google+, Facebook and Twitter to appropriate website pages to enhance search results rankings
  • manual submission of website to 150+ directories
  • manual submission of website to relevant industry / regional / local Internet directories
  • creation of new content and pages
  • creation of downloadable free material
  • creation of Facebook page (if necessary)
  • co-management or management of Facebook page
  • creation and management of Google+ page
  • creation and management of Twitter account
  • identification of other Social Media promotional opportunities

Timing is for three months following the initial website SEO project, and then renewable at six-month increments at option of client (with 30-day notice clause).

Successful Track Record

Howard Marketing Services is unique in having all three of the core SEO skills cited above, which is why this is now a core foundation of the work we do for clients. Some of the websites we have written and managed the SEO for include:

Wine Tours Victoria (wine tours to the four wine regions surrounding Melbourne)

Real Estate Your Way (website for DIY real estate sales and rentals in Australia)

RISQ Worldwide (risk security and investigative company operating worldwide from Singapore)

Nordic Academy Australia (Australia’s Nordic Walking Professionals)

Sustain Ability Showcase Asia (sustainability consultants in Singapore and Australia)

Layton Homes (new home builder and renovation contractor in Gisborne, Victoria, Australia)

Doing SEO right can have an immediate impact on your search results. For instance, we recently worked with a company in Singapore whose 18-month old website was nowhere to be found for basic search phrases important to it. We added the required page descriptions and page title tags to their pages and, by the end of the week, this site was at the #3 position on the first page on a Google search for its most important search phrase.

This company, a week prior could not be found in any basic search results related to its products and services, is now also on the first or second page of Google search results for a dozen other key search phrases. All within a week.

For our Wine Tours Victoria client in Australia, we started working on their website SEO last October. Today, they are on the first page of Google search results for 20 of the 30 key search phrases we work on, with over a dozen of these now as the #1 Google search result. Our SEO efforts have resulted in a 40% increase in website traffic and an increase in the online bookings for their wine tours.

But just don’t take our word for it. Read these testimonials from highly satisfied clients.