Essential Asian Words of Wisdom

In Essential Asian Words Of Wisdom you will connect with the leaders, statesmen, sages, and philosophers from across Asia whose thinking and writing have shaped the world for centuries.

Here you will find over 400 quotations and phrases from some of Asia’s leading thinkers: Buddha, Confucius, Lao-Tzu, The Dalai Lama, Deng Xiaoping, Mahatma Gandhi, Mao Zedong, Konosuke Matsushita, Sun Tzu, and many others.

There are also 500 Asian Proverbs reflecting the ethos, rules, and codes of Asia’s diverse cultures.

The words of these ancient sages and modern gurus are as relevant and applicable in today’s world as when they were first written or spoken. They have stood the test of time and resonate with the power to impact and motivate readers today.