Sales & Sales Management Websites

Our recommended websites covering selling and sales management skills:

Jeffrey Gitomerthis is the place to buy all things Gitomer, including books, seminars, videos, audio and other products produced by the author of The Sales Bible and Customer Satisfaction Is Worthless, Customer Loyalty Is Priceless. His Sales Caffeine weekly newsletter is well worth subscribing to.

Sales and Marketing Management — is a leading authority for executives in the sales and marketing field. Its website, regular webcasts, e-newsletters, white papers and broadcasts provide easy access to the most relevant trends and strategies impacting sales and sales management.

The Brooks Groupaccording to these folks, this is the largest FREE Internet Resource Center for sales managers and sales professionals. Here you will find an in-depth library of sales management and professional selling information, including over120 articles providing hundreds of profit generating ideas, tips and secrets. It’s all available under the Free Resources section of their website.

The Sales Boardfounded in 1990 by Duane Sparks, The Sales Board provides effective sales training programs teaching the Action Selling sales process, producing sales forces that outsell all others. The site also offers white papers and a handful of books for sale, plus you can subscribeto their free monthly sales skills newsletter.